Siri Features in iPhone 5

Siri has certainly had its ups and downs when the main features of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 arrived, but some people are disappointed by the poor performance of the system-wide voice recognition.

In mean time some have manipulated Siri to perform weird and wonderful tricks, and tried to detect brain waves.
We have seen videos when siri is used to start cars and other silly thinks but this following video shows Siri prompting a iPhone 5 concept into exploding after the password is entered incorrectly a series of times. The thief of the iphone didn’t expected that the screen would turn red and then simply exploded, leaving a blank display covered in those dreaded cracks.

iPhone 5 Self-Destruct Hiden Siri Feature:

I think many of us would like to have such an option on their own devices in case it it should get into the wrong hands. Researching throw the comments below the video, some of them have suggested that Apple needs to increase the Size of the display because it would given the phone more real estate.

However, the iPhone is still on the top and continues to reign supreme over its Android-wielding rivals. But is up to apple to decide is it necessary to change it the size of the screen and make it larger. What do you think?