Previously this month, Google announced a professional version of its voice search from Google I/O, called Google Now.

This will take part in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it has similar or much better qualities to Siri from the iPhone 4S. It’s basically Voice search suited in a great outfit, with a pleasant human voice as well as advanced features.

Google Now Features vs Siri

We’ve already shown a video comparison about Google Now vs Siri. Google’s voice assistant turned out to be much faster with answering queries and performed a lot better than Siri. Well, that didn’t satisfy a particular JLishere, who recently submitted a video placing Google Now through a number of 47 questions.

Also it went rather nicely, with the tone of voice assistant answering nearly every question accurately. These types of 47 questions incorporated things from weather, directions, and images searches to weird questions which Siri would never have the ability to answer.

The presenter carried out the test on the Galaxy Nexus I/O edition running the most recent Android 4.1 JellyBean OS. It’s not an evaluation of any type, just a test to determine how good Google Now really is.

So, what is your impression of Google Now? Do you think Apple can cut down the competition with the release of iOS 6 as well as new features on Siri?

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