The rumors about the all-new metallic glass material for iOS 5 continue, one designer has come up with a new design of his own showing how it will look externally and internally.

Next Liquidmetal iPhone 2013

Apple has already obtained a worldwide license to use Liquidmetal alloy in consumer electronic products.

The liquidmetal-based new iPhone is certainly believable. Antoine Brieux, a designer from France, has created sixth-generation Liquidmetal iPhone 5 shots which are available on his blog.

Apple would be able to create a stronger, lighter and thinner iPhone with the use of the new metallic glass allow, with a body just 7.9mm thin compared to the 9.3mm profile on the 4S. There isn’t a physical home button as the designer envisions a virtual home button sitting at the bottom of the screen. The concept includes a 4.5-inch widescreen display that may create issues with third-party apps.

Liquidmetal iPhone 5 with A6 chip, 10 Mpx Camera and 4.5-inch 16:9 Display

Liquid iPhone 5
LM  iPhone 5 Concept
iPhone 5 with 3:2 display
A6 iPhone 5 16:9 widescrean
iPhone 5 10 Megapixels camera
Liquid iPhone 5 with 10 Megapixels Camera
iPhone 5 Liquid Metal 2013
LM iPhone 5 with 3.5mm Audio jack
Quad-core A6 chip on iPhone 5
LM 7.9mm thin iPhone 5 Concept

For the inside features, the designer thinks the iPhone 5 will include a quad-core A6 processor. You can check out the source link for the beautiful shots. The iPhone 5 does look business and has some hallmarks of Apple’s trademark industrial design. Would Apple come up with a 4.5-inch screen? What do you guys think? Let us know!