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Download TinyUmbrella

Jailbreaking provides advanced functionalities on an iPhone, however not every iOS version is eligible to have easy jailbreaking facility. For the latest versions of iOS, jailbreaking is a very difficult task. One easy way to achieve jailbreak on iOS is to downgrade the iOS version, but unfortunately iOS can’t be downgraded in any official way.

If you download TinyUmbrella you will have the ability to downgrade your iOS version in future. There used to be unofficial ways by saving SHSH Blobs and using them to downgrade iOS to an earlier version. But Apple has shut down all the loopholes in their iOS system, now SHSH Blobs can’t be saved so downgrading from iOS 9 to iOS 8 or earlier is no longer possible.

Download Cartoon HD iPhone App Without Jailbreak

Download Cartoon HD for iPhone

Are you looking to download Cartoon HD iPhone App without doing a jailbreak? It has been tested on iPad and iPhone running firmwares iOS 9 and above versions. (But has not been tested on iOS beta versions). As a good alternative, you can download MovieBox app for iPhone or iPad.

You might know that some apps require Cydia Repos to be installed, which means that the device needs to be jailbroken. And because that’s not what you’re looking for in this instance, we have a guide to help you download Cartoon HD Pro without jailbreaking or installing Cydia on your device.

How To Turn On Battery Percentage On iPhone

Battery Percentage On iPhone

How to turn on battery percentage on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch is a method that changed in iOS 9. Before it was easy to switch on or off battery percentage by going to the usage tab in General Setting. However, this section doesn’t have anything to do with iPhone battery anymore.

While you make use of iOS 9 iDevice, you will see an enabled battery percentage by default and a battery percentage indicator, which will show the remaining battery in the Status bar of your iDevice. When you learn how to turn on battery percentage on iPhone, you will be able to see the remaining battery, which is something you should know.

How to Restore iPhone Without iTunes

Restore iPhone Without iTunes

All iOS devices come equipped with iCloud backup and restore feature. With this option you can restore iPhone without iTunes or without using a Computer. In the earlier days of iOS operating system this backup feature wasn’t available as a standard option, however they start showing up from iOS 5 in smaller scale and hit maturity since iOS 7’s redesigned appearance.

Ever since an iPhone’s first start, the iCloud Backup & Restore feature starts and keeps running in the background. Unless a user manually navigates to the settings and turns it off, the backup and restore keeps doing it work. However, this requires an active internet connection because the automatic backup is conducted online at a specific frequency, and at times when the phone is usually kept idle.

How to Block Websites on iPhone & iPad

Block Websites on iPhone

Browsing websites on an iPhone or iPad is one of the main purposes of using these devices. These devices have emerged as very popular internet navigators back when they were initially released, and now almost everyone would prefer an iPhone or iPad when it comes to looking up something on the internet, rather than using a full sized laptop or desktop computer.

However, certain aspects like parental control and restricting the footprints on the web is kind of difficult in Safari, since the option for blocking access to certain websites isn’t provided inside the Safari window.

Guide to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Individuals who jailbreak their iDevices often find their iPhone stuck on Apple logo. And sometimes, the same issue is faced by those who update or restore their Apple smartphone. When this happens and the logo doesn’t appear on the screen completely, it is like a small heart-attack for you. But in reality, it is not that big of a deal.

We say that because the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPhone won't turn on can be fixed by taking a few measures. The first method involves iTunes, but the second method requires you to access a tool such as TinyUmbrella.

How to Block Unknown Calls On iPhone

Block Unknown Calls On iPhone

Do you want to know how to block unknown calls on iPhone or iPad from people not in your contacts dictionary or list? First of all, you can’t use the option of going to Settings -> phone -> blocked (this option is applicable only when contacts are saved on your mobile directory).

However, there’s more to learn when it comes to knowing how to block unknown calls on iPhone. Here are some fine details on how to block or stop unknown calls on iDevices running iOS 9 or above.

Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone — Here's a Fix

Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone

Is your personal hotspot not working on iPhone? This feature was introduced in iOS 4.3 in 2011. The Personal Hotspot allows you to use the internet of your iDevice to form an online connection. It is pretty useful when you can’t find an internet connection and your WiFi isn’t working.

However, we know that people face issues when trying to find the personal hotspot, and they face M.I.A. without any known reason sometimes. In fact, when people update to a new iOS version, they see personal hotspot not working on iPhone.

How to Download Instagram Video On iPhone or iPad

Download Instagram Video On iPhone

Are you looking for an easy way to download Instagram video on iPhone or iPad that’s running iOS 9 or above? Let us tell you then about a way that you can use to download or save any video from a friend’s, families or any other profile.

Several users try finding an inbuilt option to download media files from Instagram, but there is no such option. To download Instagram videos on iPhone running iOS 9 or above, you need to search for a tactic. Let’s see if there’s a possible way to do that.

How to Clear YouTube History On iPhone or iPad

Clear YouTube History On iPhone

One of the most entertaining things one can do on iPad or iPhone is watch YouTube videos. Aside entertainment, there are educational YouTube channels as well. However, there is objectionable content as well, and you need to clear YouTube history on iPhone or delete it before someone else, like your kids, use your iDevice.

Therefore, the health of your device could benefit greatly from spring-cleaning in internals, and therefore you need to clear or delete YouTube watch history on iPhone.

How to Fix Siri Not Working On iPhone

Siri Not Working On iPhone

There has been a lot of fuss around the enhanced Siri which iPad and iPhone users received on the latest iOS firmware. With intuitive search capabilities, iPhone 6, 6S, and 6 Plus users have been won over by Siri. But there are times when people see Siri not working on iPhone or iPad. The iPad or iPhone may not start at all or the virtual assistant may hang.