Use Google Maps Offline On your iPhone & Other Devices

Google Maps Offline iPhone

Google Maps is an amazing utility. Especially if you are looking for a place where you haven't been for a long time, or maybe somewhere you need to go for the first time – Google Maps work as the savior.

There are some places where the internet connection is not stable and you can't afford to get stuck either. For those crucial moments, Google Maps offers a feature that most people actually don't know of.

How to Install Windows 10 on a Mac, iMac or Macbook

install Windows 10 on a Mac

When a computer user has promised to use Mac, there shouldn't be any dealing with Microsoft Windows at all. But so many times a Mac OS just might not feel right.

There are too many restrictions, it's just not a friendly OS for gamers, and there are factors like getting used to a platform for so long time that might intrigue a Mac user to try out Windows on their Mac.

Google Translate For iOS Updated for Real Time Translation

Google translate offline

The Google Translate has been found very useful ever since it had come out. People can now make sense of every language that’s being used on earth. Even though the translation is really messed up in some cases, but you can still figure a meaning out which is a great help.

The Translate app was exclusively available for Android users, however Google didn't want to make the iOS users lose hope.

Fix iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone Error

Fix iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone

Owning an iPhone or some other iOS device is sort of a heavenly feeling, because first time it's like a dream coming true!

The feeling doesn't take long to rot when the iTunes software on your computer denies connection with your iPhone with the computer and shows the annoying error "iTunes Could Not Connect to this iPhone". Follow our guide below to fix this error.

Download & Install AppSync On iOS 8.1.2 / 8.2

Download Appsync iOS 8.1.2

If you’ve been looking for a guide to install AppSync on any iDevice, you’ve landed at the right place!

Today, we will teach you how to install it on an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone running iOS 8. After the release of iOS 8, we all expected the iOS 8 jailbreak to take long but TaiG jailbreak team released a solution for the jailbreak world to surprise us all.

How to Reset iCloud Password From Your iPhone

Reset iCloud Password

We have millions of accounts in this day and age and we use different passwords for each one. So it isn't a surprise when you forget one of the passwords. What happens if you don't remember your iCloud account password?

There isn't a need to worry as there are several ways to restore your iCloud account. For starters, you can send a recovery email to your Apple account.

FBNoNeedMessenger: Facebook Chat Without FB Messenger app

Facebook chat without messenger

If you do not want to use Facebook Messenger app to send messages through Facebook, the solution is to install a tweak that is called FBNoNeedMessenger - Available to download from Cydia.

Before the installation of the tweak, you need to jailbreak your iPhone first, if your device isn't jailbroken yet, you can follow our iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak guide.

Unlock iOS 8.1.2 iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s

Unlock IOS 8.1.2

Unlock iOS 8.1.2 iPhone with best iOS 8.1.2 unlock methods utilizing IMEI unlock, Gevey SIM, X-RIM Evo, R-SIM 10/Gold, ultrasn0w and the top iOS 8.1.2 Unlock solution.

Legit IMEI unlock service to unlock iOS 8.1.2 devices permanently on any GSM network. The unlock method has been tested on more than 250,000 iPhones and can be used for all locked iPhones.

How to Secure iCloud Account From Password Hacking

iCloud password hack

The biggest challenge these days has appeared in the form of keeping your password safe from hackers, when we are so much dependent upon the technological devices.

Hackers employ various tools for hacking iCloud passwords. The first groups to get targeted are those with weak passwords. However, Apple has been in continuous effort for fixing the vulnerability.

Download vShare for iOS 8 to Install Paid iOS iPA Apps Free

Download Vshare iOS 8

All iOS device users face one obstacle at one point – which they have to pay for a paid app on the app store. It's not necessarily a piracy because there aren't any online payment gateways for many countries where iPhone has reached but the payment system hasn't.

What if you live in one of those regions and need a paid app badly? Read on to get the answer.