How to Turn On / Off Low Power Mode iPhone iOS 9

Enable low power mode

Apple as expected, introduced a new feature in iOS 9 named “Low Power Mode”. This article shows how to turn on low power mode and utilize it on an iPad or iPhone to gain three hours extra battery life.

Apple announced the new iOS 9 in June 2015, and released it in September 2015. They fulfilled all claims they made during the launch presentation, such as bringing enhanced photos function, improved Siri technology and Low Power mode. Among these, Low Power mode is the most fascinating feature.

Download NDS4iOS for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 9.1

Download NDS4iOS

Nintendo DS may have been very old already, but the memories it had left with us is evergreen. Many among us have grown up with fond memories from this handheld gaming console, and back in a time when smartphones were mere dreams and other gaming machines weren’t much available or very affordable either – Nintendo DS came as a blessing to the growing ups of that time. Even though we have gadgets like the Apple iPhone or iPads; those NDS games still ring a bell inside our mind and it won’t be a sin to admit – we do miss our Nintendo DS games at times.

Thankfully, there’s an app named NDS4iOS which allows the iOS users to relive the NDS games. This app makes the ecosystem to run an NDS game on iOS platform. Fortunately, this wouldn’t even require jailbreaking the iPhone.

How to Check iPhone Repair Status Online

Check iPhone Repair Status

Did you know when you submit your iPhone “for Repair” in Apple Service Center it is possible to check the repair status of your device and track it globally. This is especially true for countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, China, Germany and France. Read on to know how you can check iPhone repair status online from your computer or other device.

How to Fix iPhone Won’t Ring Problem

fix iPhone wont ring

Imagine this scenario: It is 5 minutes to New Year. You know you’re going to receive a phone call from that special someone. You’ve double-checked the ringer of your iPhone that it is on and switched up the volume.

So when he/she calls, you’re definitely going to pick up.

But 10 minutes passed as you worked on that assignment. When you pick up the device, you find out you’ve missed one of the most important calls in your life. You want to throw your device outside the window, but don’t do that before reading this post.

How to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Problem

Fix iPhone Won’t Charge

Owning an iPhone is indeed a heavenly feeling. Definitely, when you own a smartphone that looks great, works perfect and comes for a premium price – being have to own one gives a different sort of sensation. But on the sour side, not every human-made product in this unfair world is perfect. In fact, most of them are only close to perfection, never totally perfect. Given that fact, Apple devices like iPhone or iPads aren’t, either. Unfortunately they often strike up issues that are very silly and shouldn’t happen with smartphones. But they do. One of those problems is the iPhone won't charge problem, but we are here to help you to fix this issue.

How to Fix YouTube App Not Working On iPhone

Fix YouTube Not Working

Smartphones kind of look dumb when they can’t be helpful in your pursue to kill time. What if you are waiting for someone to show up at a mall, and start watching some latest gaming videos to make the clock tick fast and just then YouTube refuses to launch on your iPhone. That will certainly be a dreadful moment to spectate, and annoying as hell. YouTube app often doesn’t work as it should on iPhones.

Download AppAddict 4 for iPhone from Cydia Repo Source

Download AppAddict for iPhone

Why do you need to download AppAddict for iPhone? Apple’s operating system for smartphones, iOS, has become widely popular. The number of iPhones and iPads sold across the world is very high and that’s a good thing for both the company and the consumers. However, though most consumers are willing to get the necessary apps from the App Store via legal methods, there appears to be few reasons why that may not work out. Network issues, lack of available online payment gateways or just not willing to do so – anything could be the reason.

This article intends to teach how to get an app installed on iOS without having to pay for it using someone’s credit card. Of course it is illegal, and we strongly recommend no one does this in real life. The objective of this write-up is purely educational and we wouldn’t take responsibility through whatever legal consequences an offender may have to face.

Download vShare for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 9.1

Download Vshare for iPhone

We’ve received a lot of enquiries asking whether vShare for iOS 9.1 is available or otherwise. We would like to inform you that it is now available and can be installed with jailbreak on iPad or iPhone. As a result, it can be installed on iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air running iOS 9.1 or above without requiring a jailbreak.

But before proceeding, we’d like to inform you that the post is strictly for the purpose of education. We pay respect to all developers and always encourage users to purchase apps from the App Store.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9 on iPhone / iPad

fix itunes error 9

Do you need a solution to fix iTunes error 9 issue? A smartphone is a computing device, and such devices are never perfect hence they are susceptible to error. Unknown Error 9 is less common in contrast to Error 4014 or iTunes Error 3194 with which the users are more acquainted with, however even this uncommon error may occur to many users leaving them clueless. This error could be cause by a software bug or hardware issue, but mostly shows up only during the upgrade process to a new version of the firmware. Since there’s no pinpointed reason for this error, there’s no accurate fix either. Users need to take few issues into concern and try hit and miss methods to determine what may be wrong, and what fixes for that are available.

How to Convert Live Photo to GIF on iPhone 6s Plus / 6s

Covert Live Photo to Gif

Sharing Live Photos with peers is a fun thing to do, but it’s only possible if the recipient has an iPhone 6s. If that’s the case, Live Photos can be transformed into sharable GIFs on the 6s Plus or 6s model. Apple introduced Live Photos feature in the latest flagship iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. But what about those people who can’t see these live photos? The basic concept dies if the receiver doesn’t have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus model. We are here to help you to convert the Live Photos to Gif images to share it with your friends that have a unsupported devices.

How to Fix iTunes Error 4005 When Restore iPhone / iPad

Fix iTunes Error 4005

iOS devices usually receive update over the iOS update option. These OTA updates are rolled out on a periodic basis and when a new update is available, the users would be notified via the notification bar and they can later access the Settings app to conduct the update as well. However, if someone wishes update the device via iTunes – it could be done. Also, restoring the device via iTunes is sometimes necessary due to crucial software updates or for just resetting purposes. Whatever be the purpose, iTunes Error 4005 or iTunes Error 4013 / 4014 often shows up during these concerns that states that the Apple device can’t be restored.