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Jailbreak iOS 8.4 with TaiG 2.2.1 & Install Cydia

Jailbreak iOS 8.4

It has been some hours since the release of TaiG 2.2.1, and it was updated to support the iOS 8.4 firmware. Just as the previous versions of this tool, this version is compatible only with Windows, so either a virtual machine or a Windows machine needs to be used.

We’re going to brief a tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone on the firmware iOS 8.1.3 - iOS 8.4 using TaiG 2.2.1.

Jailbreak iOS 8.4 with PP Jailbreak & Install Cydia

Jailbreak iOS 8.4

We’ve got some good news for you all. Just after a few hours of iOS 8.4 release, there is a jailbreak that’s working. Courtesy of the tool named ‘PPGhost’, the Windows only jailbreak tool works on the mentioned firmware.

This post is basically an instructional guide that will teach you how to jailbreak your iOS 8.4 iDevice using the PP jailbreak tool.

Download iOS 8.4 IPSW for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Download iOS 8.4

The download links for iOS 8.4 are now live for supported iPod touch, iPad and iPhone devices. This post covers the entire changelog along with details of how you can download iOS 8.4.

But before you do so, let’s do a brief recap on iOS 8.x. Each new installment of this firmware has brought new improvements and upgrades.

How to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.3 & Jailbreak with TaiG

Downgrade iOS 9 to 8.3

If you recently installed iOS 9 but didn’t like it (you found it buggy and your apps were crashing frequently), then you have the option to come back to iOS 8.3.

This process is easy, despite the warning from Apple saying you cannot downgrade to previous iOS versions from new versions. Read on for more details.

How to jailbreak iOS 8.3 with TaiG 2.1.1

Jailbreak iOS 8.3

This post will teach you how to jailbreak your iDevice with the firmware iOS 8.3 with TaiG 2.1.1. The jailbreak is easy to perform and requires minimal effort on your part, provided that you follow instructions clearly.

We’re going to write the step by step process to jailbreak iOS 8.3 and install Cydia on your iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5, 5c, 5s, 5 and iPad running the latest iOS 8.3 firmware.

How to Fix iOS 9 Beta Activation Required Error

Fix iOS 9 Activation Error

A lot of users have complained that after they installed iOS 9 beta 1 on their iDevices, they are receiving activation required or getting activation errors on their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. This post talks about how to fix this issue.

Apple announced the new iOS just a few days ago. It has many new features such as Siri upgrades, Music app upgrades and Wallet app.

Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Developer Account

Install IOS 9 Beta

Only a few hours after the WWDC keynote, iOS 9 beta 1 was seeded to developers. However, users of iDevices were required to register their devices with the Apple Dev Center.

However, if your device isn’t listed on the Apple Developers program, this post will help you install iOS 9 beta 1 on your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Best 12 Mac Tips to Use Your Mac / Macbook like a Pro

Best Mac Tips

You might think you know your Mac notebook when you might not know it at all. The Mac OS X is laden with different features to let you get the best of your laptop, and it is not difficult to get the hang of tips and tricks that will make you an expert in no time.

Here is how you can use your Mac OS X for various tasks like a professional:

How to Mute or Leave Group Messages on iPhone iOS 8

Leave Group Messages iPhone

iOS 7 brought along Group Messages (for SMS and iMessage). It enables you to chat with friends in a group instead of individual 1-1 messages.

While the feature got great reviews all around at the start, there was something about the implementation that bugged everyone: the absence of a way to switch off or mute a conversion of a group.

How to Change / Delete iCloud Account Without Losing Data

delete icloud account

The only issue with syncing cloud accounts, whether it is from Dropbox, iCloud, or another platform, is when you modify or remove accounts, there is the possibility of losing your data.

If not parting with your data, there is a possibility of some of it getting merged (with other data), so you never get back to the state when it was as before.