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Are you clueless about how to fix no service iPhone error? Are your iPhone signals dropping or showing no service after an update? Well, iDevices could malfunction after an iOS firmware update because the OS needs some time to settle down and revamp operations for the latest framework, and things might go wrong sometimes.

Perhaps it could be an issue with hardware, but that’s rare with a software update. Issues with software can be solved with tweaks or patches. No signal, always searching or signal drop issues aren’t always due to hardware or software issues and might be due to some contextual issues. Anyway, you need to know how to fix no service on iPhone.

Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to PC or Mac

Voice memos are tiny pieces of voice recordings on an iPhone, typically recorded through the voice recording app and these could be snippets of songs on someone’s own voice, or few seconds from a music clip to Shazam or TrackID it later, a class lecture worth listening to over and over again, or maybe just an instant interview when a high end voice recorder isn’t readily available. Whatever be the case, voice memos come very useful in all of them and they are stored inside the iPhone storage once the recording is done and user hits the Stop button.

Typically, recorded voice memos could be synced with Apple iTunes so that a backup is kept in the computer and the user can use these clips on their computers aside from on the iPhone itself. However, many new Apple iPhone users don’t know how to transfer the voice clips from an iPhone to their computers – this article intends to provide a short go-through of the procedure.

How to Reset iCloud Password From Your iPhone

We have millions of accounts in this day and age and we use different passwords for each one. So it isn't a surprise when you forget one of the passwords. What happens if you don't remember your iCloud account password? Now the best solution is to reset iCloud password or reset iCloud email for your account?

There isn't a need to worry as there are several ways to restore the access to your iCloud account if you forgot iCloud password or email. For starters, you can send a password recovery email to reset the password of your iCloud account or use the other iCloud password recovery options.

IPSW File Location For Windows and Mac

Any moment your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone is updated, you get a brand new IPSW file that, thanks to iTunes, in the iOS updates folder. Knowing the IPSW file location is useful when you troubleshoot or access an IPSW file for jailbreak or downgrade purposes.

In this article you will know what is the IPSW file location (the iTunes update/restore download path) for Windows and Mac. Read on to know.

How to Connect iPhone to TV With HDMI Cable

It's not surprising that you want to connect iPhone to TV. All iDevices can be connected easily with a TV screen as well as projectors through an HDMI cable or with the assistance of a wired connector adapter. If there's an HDMI input port in the recipient projector, display, or TV, the iPhone or iPad's display can be mirrored to that screen.

As a result, you can watch videos and movies, do great presentations, and a lot more. The output of the video can be a maximum 1080p HDTV resolution, and both audios and videos can be transferred, mirrored from the iDevice to the TV screen. Also, if you don't have HDMI, there is wireless AirPlay method you can use to connect iPhone to TV.

Apple TV Remote Not Working — Here's A Fix

With online streaming based TV boxes, the whole idea of television has changed an Apple TV has played a vital role ever since the first generation had come out. However, Apple announced a new generation of Apple TV last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6s, and now it’s available in all major tech markets of the world.

Apple TV comes with a remote controller different than your actual television’s, and to operate the Apple TV box it will be required to have a coin cell battery installed in this remote, preferable a CR2032 or BR2032. The voltage rating should be 3.0 V, anything that’s lower than 2 volts will not be able to power up the remote at its fullest potential.

Download iOS 9.3.2 IPSW for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Earlier today, Apple has released the final version for iOS 9.3.2. The new release is focused on some bug fixes and improving the security of the iOS devices.

The iOS 9.3.2 version can be downloaded over the air or you can download the IPSW file from the official download links in this article.

Learn How to Reboot iPhone or iPad Forcibly

It happens… sometimes… that your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone becomes errant and unresponsive, completely. And the result is a frozen device that is useless. This is indicative commonly when anything on the screen ceases up completely and any input on the touch screen buttons or the hardware buttons don’t do any favors.

The good news is you can overcome the unusual issue if you know how to reboot iPhone or another iDevice forcibly. We’re going to talk about a solution that’s not technical and works well to fix most of such issues. It takes just a few seconds, and is easy to execute.

MacBook Trackpad Not Working — Here's a Fix

Apple Macintosh computers are sophisticated machines indeed, but that doesn’t imply they can’t ever face any annoying trouble. The trackpad on any laptop computer is very sensitive, and like every single laptop computer in the computer population – even the trackpad in Macbook can stop working at times.

If you have a Macbook that has a malfunctioning or non-functioning Macbook, the symptoms could be like – button not registering a click, or the pointer isn’t responding at all. There are few possible solutions to this issue, they are trial and error methods basically. However, if they don’t work even after a long session of trial and error, then visiting an Apple Customer Support might be the only available solution.

How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

Have you wondered how to play YouTube in Background on iPhone? We all use YouTube to educate ourselves or for some entertainment. It has different video categories, and caters all age groups as a result. The YouTube app is installed millions of iPads and iPhones around the world.

The YouTube app has a drawback, however. The played video gets paused when you switch from the YouTube app to another app. The feature is purported to be intentional from YouTube, because its basic job is to play videos, not music.

How to Deactivate Apple ID & Delete Apple Account

Every Apple device require the user to have an Apple account, which works like a gateway between the user and the Apple ecosystem to transfer information and helps to avail service. Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Macintosh computer must have an Apple account before they can actually start using that device.

However, deactivating an Apple account could be necessary due to different reasons, and unfortunately there’s no official way in the Apple website to proceed an account closure. If deleting an Apple account is absolutely necessary, then the user can follow the methods described in this article.